No More Homeless Pets Network Partners

Be part of the “pack!” Join an official No More Homeless Pets Network partner team and support a shelter, rescue group, or animal welfare organization in your city!

To help Save Them All®, Best Friends Animal Society has invited our Network partners nationwide to be a part of Strut Your Mutt. All participating partners are 501(c)3 rescue organizations or municipal shelters who are working to save the lives of homeless pets. The money they raise will help fund their own lifesaving adoption and/or spay/neuter programs.

When you join one of our participating Network partner teams, you will be helping the organization of your choice to raise much-needed funds to save the lives of homeless pets. The clincher? They will receive 100 percent of what’s raised (after PayPal and DonorDrive transaction fees), including registration fees.

In 2013, nearly $1.2 Million was raised for our Network partners around the country! Here’s how Strut Your Mutt helped one Network partner in 2013:

“The $8,000 we raised had a significant impact because two special-needs dogs came into the rescue in early October, and their surgeries combined will total over $8,000. We could not have helped these wonderful pups without this fundraiser.” —Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue, Baltimore/D.C.

Click here to see what local organizations are participating in Strut Your Mutt!

Thank you for being a part of Strut Your Mutt and giving your support to one of these dedicated Network partners. Together, we can Save Them All®.


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