How to Strut

Follow the easy instructions below on how to participate in our Strut Your Mutt events.

Step 1: Register

Take your pick—a live event or Strut Your Mutt Challenge!

Registering for a live event

Register as a “Walker” if you plan to attend an event. Or register as a “Virtual Fundraiser” to support one of the live events from home. Being a virtual walker has a reduced registration fee (which is counted as a donation). You can still set up your own fundraising page. You just won’t receive a t-shirt.

Next, choose the No More Homeless Pets Network partner you want to help and join their team. Or choose to raise money for Best Friends. You can register as an individual walker or start your own fundraising team of family and friends or start one where you work.

Participating in the virtual Strut Your Mutt Challenge

No live event nearby? There are plenty of Network partners in the same boat! You can help them raise money by being a challenge participant in the virtual Strut Your Mutt Challenge. Join a specific Network partner group team or join “2014 Team Best Friends.”

Step 2: Fundraise

Time to raise money to support the animals! Add some pizazz to your personal fundraising page — upload a photo of your favorite pet or an entire gallery of adorable photos, post a video, or simply write a personal message. Begin by logging into your account (email address, password) and click on "Dashboard" (top left). From the resulting dropdown menus, choose "Edit Your Fundraising Page” and then "Edit Your Page.”

Once your creative genius is in place, start spreading the word. Ask everyone you know for a donation ... and go ahead and ask some people you don’t know! Remember to tell everyone their donation helps save the lives of homeless pets. Share the link to your fundraising page on Facebook, and send emails out from the Strut Your Mutt site to your friends and family asking for a donation.

Extra Tip: From the "Dashboard" page, you can send an email directly to contacts. Just upload your contacts from outside databases into your Strut Your Mutt account and then email them directly from the Strut Your Mutt site.  Need more fundraising ideas, click here.

New in 2014!

Donations made by check will now count toward your fundraising efforts and will appear on your fundraising page.  To count, checks must be received timely and in accordance with the “Offline Donations Official Rules and Regulations.”

If you are fundraising for a participating Network partner, please send check donations – checks must be made payable to that rescue group – directly to them.  

If you are fundraising for Best Friends Animal Society, please make your check payable to “Best Friends Animal Society” and send it to the address below (checks should not be made payable to Strut Your Mutt):

Best Friends Animal Society
Attn:  Strut Your Mutt
5001 Angel Canyon Road
Kanab, UT 84741

Step 3: Strut!

Great job! You deserve to have fun! If you registered for a live event, it’s time to Strut Your Mutt with all of the other generous people working to raise $2 million for homeless pets across the country.  If you are participating in the virtual Strut Your Mutt Challenge, spend a special day with your mutt and share photos and stories with us on our Strut Your Mutt Facebook page.

To register for a live Strut Your Mutt event, click here and pick your city.  Want to join the Strut Your Mutt Challenge, click here.

If you have questions about registering for Strut Your Mutt, please check the FAQs first.  If you cannot find your answers there, you may contact

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